The Blue Valentines have finally finished their 2nd full play CD called 'Dead Flowers'. The disc features 10 orignal tracks plus a cover version of The Ramones 'I Wont Let It Happen'. You can order your personal copy here:
The Blue Valentines : Dead Flowers


Stray Dogs
On the Beach
I Won't let it happen
The last encore
I want to believe
Feeling Blue
True Confessions
Vapour Trails
When we were boys


In 1998 The Blue Valentines released a CD called "A little too late" under their former name The Dead Flowers. Due to some legal conflict the band had to change its name and became The Blue Valentines. The "A little too late" CD is still available on request.

The Dead Flowers : A Little Too Late


Mustang Ford (5:11) 
Corner (4:34) 
Fire (4:20) 
Some Way Out (3:22) 
Little Too Late (4:54) 
I Want To Believe (4:08) 
Broken Mirrors (2:47) 
Desert Saloon (4:55) 
Dead Flowers (3:38)